Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Tips: 11 Cozy Decorating Ideas

Like I said, I love the seasons and I love celebrating them. One thing that I do love about the fall and winter seasons: cozy decorating. Here is a collection of decorating ideas that make me feel cozy.

1. Bring out the throw blankets

Pile blankets everywhere: chairs, couches, at the foot of the bed. Perfect for chilly nights so you can snuggle up and keep warm. This can also add cozy textures and colors to your home.

2. Pile on the pillows
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Bring out extra pillows for that additional comfort, snuggle and warmth. 

3. Roll out the area rugs
Keep your feet more comfy by putting area rugs out where people walk around the most and spend the majority of their time.  Rugs also adds instant color and pattern for a warm and cozy feel. A flokati rug is extra soft, warm and cozy--- depending what you're interested in.

4. Make delicious smells
Not going to lie, I love a good smell. Especially if they make you feel warm and fuzzy. I love to make my place smell cozy with seasonal candles, spicy scented potpourri arranged artfully in a bowl or even boiling cinnamon sticks in water. If you’re up for it, bake cookies or an apple pie to all around fill your home with heavenly smells! I advise you to share some of the goodies with your neighbors so you don't lose yourself in the name of creating cozy smells! :-)

5. Add seasonal accents
Try creating a table center-piece with items such as apples, Chinese Lanterns flowers, gourds, or other fall themed materials. Just make simple changes like putting away light colored summery accessories and replacing them with richer colors.

6. Create cozy mood lighting

Make some easy low-lighting with light bulbs that are more dim, or try installing an easy and affordable dimmer yourself. Other fun lighting ideas are candles and hurricane lamps. If you have a fireplace—doesn’t doesn’t get much cozier than that! Take advantage! 

7. Cover up your windows
Swap out your sheer summer drapes and for thicker and heavier drapes. They instantly warm up the space.

8. Embrace your books

All books are charming, but they are especially pleasant if they are hardback and look like they’ve been read a few times. Consider removing the paper jackets for a more cozy, vintage feel. In my opinion, books make your home feel more welcoming and lived in.

9. Put out your family photos
I think family photos make your place feel more inviting and give it more of a personal feel. These days people keep most of their pictures digitally, but print some out! This definitely adds immediate comfort to any home. 

10. Change that old bedding
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Put away your light sheets and bedding for your thick sheets and bedding. This will bring much more warmth and coziness to any bedroom. If anyone was wondering, bedding is one of my favorite parts of the home!

11. Show off your homemade items
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Handcrafted accessories are the ultimate cozy addition to any home. If you are lucky enough to know how to crochet, knit, sew, know some other craftiness, have a mother or family member that does: seriously take advantage now! Few things are cozier than homemade additions. If your goal is to make your place feel warm and fuzzy inside and out, rock out with your homemade blankets, quilts, and accessories!

What makes you feel cozy?


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  1. Wow! you've got some great ideas here! I love the wall of books--that's my kind of room right there. What could better than spending a winter day all cozy with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate...with cookies fresh from the oven too! I also really like that wall of photos. The regularity of the size and spacing of each framed photo creates an interesting wall pattern in itself. I might try a darker wall color to establish more of a contrast between wall and frames and emphasize the photos a bit more. I think a dark midnight blue would look stunning.


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