Monday, September 12, 2011

Designer Appreciation Day: Nate Berkus

Designer Appreciation Day is a time where I would like to highlight my favorite designers. The very first designer that I would like to honor and appreciate is Nate Berkus. Aside from his good looks, and fancy smile, the man is gifted. You can see in his work that he is clearly creative and passionate in his designs.  He believes that everyone should love the way they live and that the home is a reflection of who you are, no matter how much money you have. Aw, he has a warm heart. Something we both have in common! :)  That is what I appreciate most about his ideas. No matter what your level of wealth is, or the size of your place, you can create and decorate your own dreamy spaces. Granted, sometimes you need a little extra creativity, such as my case, but it is important to create a place you love to live. Enjoy!

All image via {Nate Berkus Associates}

Love, love, love his work! But I'm not diggin the zebra rug. The mane and shape are a little too real looking for my overactive imagination and animal lovin heart. I love a good animal print, but I'm not a fan of the stuffed heads and stripped scalps. Everything else about the room is stunning! 

What do you think about these rooms? What do you think of the zebra rug?

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  1. Hey Britt, Nate does great work, each interior really has a unique 'flavor'. I agree with you on the zebra rug, it's definitely too 'real' for me. I especially like his kitchen design.


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