Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dream Catchers. Yes Please.

I went on a brief hunt for dream catchers online for this post and I must say it's not an easy find in interior photos. I'm so curious why it's tough to find. Because who wouldn’t want a dream catcher? It’s like needing a reason to buy bubbles. Happiness. I once went on a year long quest to find the ultimate dream catcher. And then I found one on my first date with the love of my life. No doubt my life has been better ever since. So it could either be the dream catcher or love. Either way, both are essential.

Cat. Dog. Dream catcher. Can't go wrong.

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  1. Dream catchers divulge an inner obsession to possess and to control our dreams. But dreams are like love, they come and go, and the best we can do is reflect on them - hopefully learning something by doing so. We can't catch our dreams, just enjoy them until they turn into a trace of a distant memory.


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