Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Living Life to the Fullest = Having a Canopy Bed

I will tell you one thing about my childhood: I have always loved canopy beds. My friend’s big sister had one, and at my age, nothing was more spectacular. I’ve pretty much been a huge fan ever since. Sadly, that craze has not been fulfilled to this day.  I have yet to see beds that are more glamorous than the ones you will see the moment you scroll down. Seriously, what’s dreamier than these? Next on my to do list: scheming a way to convince my guy that we need a canopy bed like these. Open to any ideas.

via {Pinterest}

What do you think about canopy beds? Would you ever want one?


  1. These rooms are so so ornate! I fall in love with simple spaces usually but there is no denying these are beautiful

  2. Love canopy beds - just made a canopy for my eldest daughter - she adores it - found you through Spicer & Bank - glad I did - have a great day,

  3. I would love a canopy bed! The turquoise room is "delicious"...I want one! I also really like the ornate wood bedframe in the second pic from the bottom...I think I'll add this to my wish list and work on "my guy" too :)

  4. Hi Britt,
    I'm loving the bedroom via Fashionphile, with the trunk at the end of the bed. The canopy is so full and gorgeous.
    I love canopy beds and have always wanted one as well. I posted a design story on canopy beds earlier this month. Stop by and check it out if you have a chance.
    Great post!
    ~ Wendi ~


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