Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Touch of Vintage for the Office

I don’t know about you, but the people I know, including myself, spend a fair bit of time at our desks. If you’re going to spend some time at your desk, you should make it lovely. It’s easy to have any old desk and chair, but really it should be a place you enjoy spending time. Do it up so you love it. Just a touch of decorating will make it look fab. Nothing too extravagant. Simple is sexy. These vintage looking desks are definitely a place where I would love to spend my time! I love the look of mixing a vintage style desk with a touch of technology. Very sharp!

via {Decorista}

via {Lonny}

via {Decor8}

What do you like at your workspace?


  1. I think I should add a bar cart to my work space! Actually I think finding an old desk is a great idea. I need something really massive(with lots of drawer space)to accommodate all of my 'stuff' that I need to surround myself with. It's amazing all the little odds 'n ends one needs for a home office. I could definitely use a bulletin board, and it would just be covered like a huge collage. I have to laugh at the chair in the second photo--that does not look too comfortable to me, but I'll bet it is :) I love the vintage typewriter in the top pic (I love old fashioned type)...very nice eclectic collection! Lots of different ideas, really great Britt!

  2. Wow I would love to have a desk like this and yes all of these are very inspiring.

  3. amazing desks ,the green one in the first photo is my favourite

  4. I love a black desk. Mine is black, but I think I need to do up the office a bit. Great inspiration! Have a lovely weekend! Leahx

  5. These are lovely desks. I'm loving the black desk too. Enjoy the gorgeous weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  6. Love the black desk with the black and white photos above. I have a black laquer dressing table I use for my computer. Perhaps I should frame so black and white phos to hang above it.


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