Monday, September 19, 2011

Pets: In Cozy Spaces

Pets are one of my most favorite things in life. Nothing like hanging out with a sweet little friend. I believe there are few things that make your place and life more cozy than the company of a pet. I have to say, these pets look like some straight up lazy bones and pretty happy about it. :-) 

~Feng Shui Tip~
     I've read in several books that pets bring very vibrant and positive energy to the home. That they keep the energy moving freely and keep it from being stagnant, as long as they are are loved, healthy and well taken care of.

via {Moi}
My little pound kitties!

That said, I am by no means endorsing anyone to go out and get a pet. Wonderful, but no spontaneous investment! Enjoy!

Are you a cat or dog person? What kind of pets do you like?


  1. wow, I never really thought a pet could be part of the idea of feng shui, but does make sense! Great connection. I absolutely agree that pets bring positive energy, as well as healing, into a living space (and yes, you can tell if they are well-loved!) There is nothing better than snuggling in a cozy place with a special furry friend.

  2. Hello Britt, thank you so much for visiting my blog and lovely comment.
    This post is great, I absolutely agree! Pets' friends are the most wonderful friends, always ready to give you love and smile, no matter what's happening, and look so beautiful on interiors pics ;-) I love my 5 four-leeged kids very much and I'm so happy having possibility to share my life and house with them. Big hugs from Poland!

  3. This is a great post, I also totally believe pets bring a positive energy to the home...they also just give it that happy, cozy feeling when you see them all curled up. enjoying your blog :)

  4. Hi Britt! Thanks for stopping by last week. So nice to "meet" you. This post is adorable. LOVE the fox terriers. We've been talking for months and months about getting a "fur child"...lost of work, but the love and positive energy is so rewarding.


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