Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Colors: Falling for Orange

Orange. It’s definitely one of my favorite colors. It’s just such a cool shade for the home. When I walk into a home and it’s orange, in my mind I’m like, “Yeeeah, Lady’s got confidence.”  Even if they don’t, I’m definitely thinking they got it. And style.  Even just a touch of orange is very chic. I’m pretty much loving every piece of orange in these rooms. Especially the one with the blue velvet sofa. SUPERB!

~Feng Shui Pearls~
In Feng Shui, orange is known for being a color to promote sociable encounters. It enhances conversations and fun times in your space. (Probably why I think Lady has confidence! She talks more!) J

Are you an orange type of person?


  1. Great images, Britt. Orange has such a wonderful energy.
    Have a lovely day,
    ~ Wendi ~

  2. Lovely images...

    I love how the color orange make a room so cheerful ♥

  3. Hey Britt, My kitchen is a wonderful warm orange color. My husband choose the color.

    Lisa x

  4. oranage is a brave choice but these images really work they are gorgeous

  5. Yes you have to be confident to play with the color orange in your interior design (or even wearing it!) These are great rooms, I agree, if done right, it can look amazing :)

  6. Love the photos! Orange adds a great pop of colour to any room!!

  7. yes, love the bold use of color in these images. especially like the blue couch/orange wall combo!

  8. Orange is one of my favorite colors! I especially love that bright orange art deco wallpaper in the last image!

  9. I love orange! These photos are great. I wish I could paint my wall that color. Thank you for sharing. Happy to be your newest follower.

  10. hmm i LOVE orange & blue combos, but im more of a coral type gal. :))

  11. i love the images and orange makes my day!!
    very beautiful blog!i'm new!
    elli by


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