Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Colors: Falling for Orange

Orange. It’s definitely one of my favorite colors. It’s just such a cool shade for the home. When I walk into a home and it’s orange, in my mind I’m like, “Yeeeah, Lady’s got confidence.”  Even if they don’t, I’m definitely thinking they got it. And style.  Even just a touch of orange is very chic. I’m pretty much loving every piece of orange in these rooms. Especially the one with the blue velvet sofa. SUPERB!

~Feng Shui Pearls~
In Feng Shui, orange is known for being a color to promote sociable encounters. It enhances conversations and fun times in your space. (Probably why I think Lady has confidence! She talks more!) J

Are you an orange type of person?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fabulous Fridays: Get in the Halloween Decorating Spirit

Halloween is round the bend! Spooky spooky! What a fun time of year. I am telling you, I think starting about now is probably my favorite time of year. No more summer vacations for me, so I just uped this to my favorite time of year spot. I’m a huge fan of fun and creative décor for Halloween. A little creepy and a little creative touch around your home to honor this time of year is awesome.  I am super into the funny and spooky part of the Halloween. The sexually oppressed part where people want to express themselves one day that year, not so much. Hopefully one day, the ladies and gents will leave their Little Bo Peep delicates in the closet.J Here are a few home decorating inpspirations for your home. Enjoy!

WHalloween fun factW
So back in the day, Pagans used to burn jack-o-lanterns on Samhain to ward off evil spirits. Samhain, being on the night of the 31 of October. Not to name names, but cultures, religions plunked other holidays, such as Halloween on top of Pagan holidays to crowd out and overshadow Pagan celebrations. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas and Halloween, but come on dudes, that’s mean. Anyways, if you are interested in a little history of the jack-o-lantern, Better Homes and Gardens has a very interesting (and short) article.

How do you like to decorate for Halloween?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cozy-Glamorous Living Rooms: The Best Kind

There is nothing I love more than cozy and glamorous. Do I want it both ways? Yes I do. And these living rooms are proof that you can have a fun and glam room, but at the same time kick up your feet in sweats. Or whatever you like to kick up your feet in. I have to say bright colors and sparkles do it for me every time. Of course, white rooms are lovely when done right (a little touch of gold, please!). JThese little dollops of gorgeousness make for some pretty glamorous and cozy rooms! Don't you think?

via {Marjorie Skouras Design}
If you don’t want to invest in a zebra couch, but want to try the print, I love the idea of getting zebra table clothes! What a cool idea. Perfect for your sassy side.J

Do you like a little glamor in your living room? What sort of living room do you prefer?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Craft Space for Crafty People

When it starts getting colder in the fall season, what’s more fun than to be inside and be crafty? When I was a kid I would fall IN LOVE with friends' craft spaces. Looking through all their papers and ribbons was divine! Whether you have the space of a whole room or just a corner spot, few spaces are just as special. If you are a creative person and like making things, it’s important to make space for that. These craft spaces are super fun and colorful. Sit back and enjoy the view of these wonderful little spaces.

via {Scrapbook}

What crafts would be in your craft area?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Colors: Falling for Red

Aaah the lovely red room. Not to be confused with red rum.J Ok, tasteless joke out of the way! You know, I have not seen too many red rooms in person, and I do not know why! Look at these beauties! Red is beautiful and vibrant, and appears to make any home look fab. Red seems to amp up the energy and vibrancy of a room, if you ask me. I think everyone needs a red room in their home, at one point in life, at the very least. Enjoy!

via Xoopla

~Feng Shui Pearls~
Red represents the fire element in Feng Shui. Fire brings high energy into the home. It’s a good color to use for forging your career ahead and making a good reputation for yourself. Red is also a great color for the home if you want a little extra joy, passion, excitement and sexy time! J

You interested in a red room?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Photo Placement: No Excuses Not to Have Them

Probably one of the first improvements I should be knocking down in my home is a better arrangement for my photos. I have one little collage frame on my wall where I sort of shoved a few pictures, but for the most part, I stick most of my pictures on my external hard drive. And really it’s a shame, because I should be showing off my boyfriend’s cute little mug. I think the loveliest homes always have a sprinkling of photo frames. Not too many shots of one thing because too many pictures of your cat or pictures of you look a little nutty. I think an even spatter of: friends and loved ones, family, travel, pets, cityscapes, whatever elements that you enjoy in life make for a nice collection that really personalize your place. Plus frames can be cheap (I’ve even seen cute ones at the dollar store) and printing photos is cheap, so really, it should be something that you can instantly and easily do for your home. No excuses friends! J Enjoy!

What are your photo arrangements?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fancy Fridays: Halloween Kicking off the Holiday Season

First off, can anyone believe it’s already starting to be that time? I feel like I’m watching my life flash before my eyes. That said, oooooh I love Halloween time and I love it when people really get into it! There’s just something really cool about those cobwebs, crows, and creepy flowers. Absolutely adore the dark and rich colors. All fun stuff. Not going to lie, but tough times when I got too big for trick or treating. Probably drug it out longer than I’m proud to admit. JHere are a few little pearls of inspiration to make your place extra special for Halloween this year.

How cute are these little wine toppers?

Are you a Halloween fan?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kitchens: For the Bold, Bright and Beautiful

For me, kitchens are a very important part of the home. These days, they are a place where everyone does anything from eating, spending time with friends, entertaining, doing homework and even sometimes cooking! Whatever you do, it’s important to make it look good. I have to be pretty selective with most of the colors in my home since I have two white cats, but when it comes to the kitchen, I can have more fun with the colors. That said, changing colors in the kitchen are more expensive than other rooms. Whatever you do, make sure the kitchen is a place you really enjoy spending time. Either way, feast your eyes and enjoy! 

What do you think of these kitchens?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pet Furniture: As Good As the Real Thing

So, apparently there are solutions to everything, even tacky pet furniture. No more weak sauce litter boxes in the bathroom or metal cages in the corner. These are straight up fabulous looking furniture pieces for your home! These completely take away the tasteless pet product look and make your spot look fab. I’m telling you, it’s the little things! One thing is for sure, that cat box furniture piece is def on top of my list! If you have pets, these things ought to turn those creative decorating wheels of yours! Enjoy!

via {Kaboodle}
Doggie den side table? LOVE it!

via {RLH Studio}
Fabulous built in bed, oh so sharp!

via {America's Pet Store}
Hidden cat box = OMG Awesome!! 

via {Front Gate}
Dog proof cat feeding sation, how fab is this!?

via {Front Gate}
Easy sweeping for those with little mess makers! :-)

via {Front Gate}
Keep their food fresh!

Everyone needs a goodie jar!

Rockin outdoor furniture for your furry faces!

Spot to stash your leash!

What's your take on these pet pieces?