Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roll Out the Bar Carts

So, I’m thinking it’s starting to be indoor activity time. Therefore, it is probably a good idea to roll out your bar cart if you haven’t already! Or like me, need to go shopping for one asap. No matter the style of your home, I would argue they basically class the place up substantially. I have a thing for decanters because they make the cart look extra glamorous! A few ideas to consider for your indoor activity…

What specifically would you put on your bar cart?


  1. Hi Britt-

    I love the look of a bar carts - they are so chic, but I keep all the bar stuff in my house in its own cabinet. I did take the concept and made a tray table as a night stand in my guest room. I added bottled water and some other items on the top. Not quite as chic as the bar cart, but I was pretty happy as it makes the space look more modern now.

    My best- Diane

  2. Wonderful bar carts - especially love the bamboo cart!!

  3. Love my wine...and amaretto! :) And I love the gold on the bar carts...classy!

  4. Totally agree that a bar cart adds just the right dose of style to a home - a little bit of Noel Coward chic! I'm ready for my cocktail!

  5. What a great idea to include bar carts in your living space, and I love that you've featured this as a topic! I think it would look great to add a cool little fridge next to the cart so that ice is handy too! How relaxing to kick back in your velvety soft arm chair with a plush zebra pillow, and just reach over to mix up a drink (in the room with the wall-to-wall books of course!). To me that's luxury....!
    {oh I also like the idea of storing a few wine bottles underneath (horizontally) similar to the 5th pic down. And I really like the addition of plants too!} I can't wait to see tomorrow's feature :)


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