Friday, September 9, 2011

Fancy Fridays: Fall Decorating Time!

You know, I absolutely love the seasons and when it comes to living in Los Angeles, I have to rely on the décor to give me any sort of season changing feeling! I’ve never been too partial to over-the-top corn husks and huge scarecrows all over the yard, but I do love simple touches here and there, sprinkled nicely around your space. I like modest changes for the fall decorations, and I particularly like decorating with nature! Get inspired!

 via {HGTV}
Switch out your current pillows with fall color pillows.

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I absolutely love Chinese Lantern bouquets in the fall. Few things are more fall!

If you've ever dreamed of making your own fall-scented potpourri balls, the Better Homes and Gardens site shows you how. These spicy scents absolutely will make you feel cozy! 

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I'm all for decorating with natural elements and in my humble opinion, these are the ultimate fall-style bouquets.
  via {Esty}

How do you like to decorate for fall?

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