Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Tips: 9 Splurge-Worthy Luxuries for the Home

These are a few luxuries for the home that I believe are worth splurging on. They don't need to be accumulated all in a day, but every now and then, it might be a good idea to treat yourself and create a home that's a little more luxe. Get the best quality you can afford and work your way up. Like I said, little things for the home, make life a little more fun. Enjoy! 

1. Quality Sheets

It does not take much, but quality sheets add infinite quality to your sleep and home. When you are shopping for sheets, 100% cotton is always best. Look for sheets that have 400 thread count. Anything higher is probably more hype than anything. The weave of the sheet also indicates the quality of the sheet, so choose whatever feels good to your touch. Italians are known for being good weavers, so it doesn't hurt to start there and compare Italian sheets to others.

2. Plush Towels
 via {Pottery Barn}

Just like the sheets, 100% cotton bath towels are always best. They are softer to the touch and they are also more absorbent. Terry cloth is the best of all the weaves since it absorbs more moisture because of the looped threads that increase the surface area. The highest quality cotton is usually from Egypt or Brazil. Since those are often more expensive, a good way to look for quality is if the towels feel soft and thick. Thin and scratchy are low quality. In my opinion, it feels luxurious to be wrapped in big, fluffy towels, so I enjoy towels at 34" X 68." I recommend washing all new towels since there is often excess dye and chemicals left over from the factory.

3. Crown Moldings

In most cases, I think few extra details, such as crown molding, make a home look a little more put together and luxurious. It can be as simple as trim around the floor. Whether hire someone to do it or put it in yourself, I think it makes a room look very sharp.  

4. Hardware

Believe it or not, door knobs, cabinet knobs, switch plates, hooks, latches, etc. make a home look infinitely better. You can get some really nice hardware products at such a low price, there are few reasons not to fix up your home with beautiful hardware. I cannot emphasize enough how much more fabulous a place looks with fun hardware!

5. Fine Soaps

I love treating myself to nice soaps. It makes me feel luxurious. You can get a little bit luxurious with your soaps at very good prices. It might be worth treating yourself to a nice soap now and again to feel a little extra pampered.

6. Fresh Flowers
via {Pink Flower}
Fresh flowers add so much color, vibrancy and beauty to a home. I can’t get enough of them. I recommend getting flowers once a week, so they are always fresh. Plus you can always get seasonal flowers and seasonal colors to make your home more enjoyable. Flowers make a home look absolutely fantastic. 

7. Candles
via {Sweetie Pie Style}

Candles are wonderful. They add so much warmth, comfort and calm to your home. Candles come in different shapes, sizes, colors, scents and can be sprinkled around your home to create a very chic and luxurious environment. Plus you can get them at very low costs.

8. Art
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I feel like a home is not quite complete, unless it has art. The art in your home certainly does not have to be your retirement investment. It can be anything: children’s art, flea market art, art from TJ Maxx. If you want art from a painter, photographer or sculptor, that is always nice too. Get something you are drawn to and can afford.

9. Framed Photos

Last but not least: family photos. As you probably know, you can get frames pretty much anywhere, probably even 7-Eleven. I love photos in a home. They make it more personal, unique and inviting. These days a lot of people like to keep their photos on their computers and phones, but I think favorite photos should be shown off. Plus you can change out the photos easily and go with the season or your mood. Include your family, pets, friends, travels, whatever you love. Photos are definitely a small luxury that makes the home more fun.

What do you like to splurge on for your home?


  1. I'm addicted to Yankee candles, Egyptian cotton bed linens, perfumes, and fresh roses. I think I lost myself in this list just thinking about it. great blog by the way.

    Lisa x

  2. Items that cater to the senses, whether through sight, scent or touch, can create a wonderful feeling of luxury and style.
    Great tips, Britt!
    ~ Wendi ~

  3. What a helpful post...really! I love these ideas...now I really want to switch out my light plates :)

  4. Britt, great list! We do need to treat ourselves with little luxuries--that's what life is all about. I love nice sheets, plush towels and especially fresh flowers. Thanks for the great tips!


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