Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Colors: Falling for Red

Aaah the lovely red room. Not to be confused with red rum.J Ok, tasteless joke out of the way! You know, I have not seen too many red rooms in person, and I do not know why! Look at these beauties! Red is beautiful and vibrant, and appears to make any home look fab. Red seems to amp up the energy and vibrancy of a room, if you ask me. I think everyone needs a red room in their home, at one point in life, at the very least. Enjoy!

via Xoopla

~Feng Shui Pearls~
Red represents the fire element in Feng Shui. Fire brings high energy into the home. It’s a good color to use for forging your career ahead and making a good reputation for yourself. Red is also a great color for the home if you want a little extra joy, passion, excitement and sexy time! J

You interested in a red room?


  1. I love these red rooms Britt! Very bold and exciting. I really like the richness...and great addition with your feng shui pearls, love that!

  2. Great images i love red its a brave choice but these spaces are all beautiful i especially like the first one mixed with the brown pallette is so warm & comforting but the red gives it depth

  3. I also love red, more in small doses but I can still enjoy these bold spaces.. the chairs in the last pic are definitely a fave!

  4. Red is one of my favorite colors -- we have little happy pops of it all over our kitchen and great room. It really warms things up any season.

  5. I love a red library-so bold and glamorous! Lovely images--I'm your latest follower :)


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