Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pet Furniture: As Good As the Real Thing

So, apparently there are solutions to everything, even tacky pet furniture. No more weak sauce litter boxes in the bathroom or metal cages in the corner. These are straight up fabulous looking furniture pieces for your home! These completely take away the tasteless pet product look and make your spot look fab. I’m telling you, it’s the little things! One thing is for sure, that cat box furniture piece is def on top of my list! If you have pets, these things ought to turn those creative decorating wheels of yours! Enjoy!

via {Kaboodle}
Doggie den side table? LOVE it!

via {RLH Studio}
Fabulous built in bed, oh so sharp!

via {America's Pet Store}
Hidden cat box = OMG Awesome!! 

via {Front Gate}
Dog proof cat feeding sation, how fab is this!?

via {Front Gate}
Easy sweeping for those with little mess makers! :-)

via {Front Gate}
Keep their food fresh!

Everyone needs a goodie jar!

Rockin outdoor furniture for your furry faces!

Spot to stash your leash!

What's your take on these pet pieces?


  1. I love the goodie jar. I think I need one for myself. LOL.

    Lisa x

  2. So funny-- we are making plans to get a dog, and one of the disagreements I'm antipating with my husband is whether or not the doggie bed, etc. needs to be attractive!

  3. Holy moly! I love the built-in cuddle spot--so sweet! Our future home needs one of those for our kitties ;) xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  4. What a cute idea to feature pet 'decor'! I love the hidden cat box, what a cool idea!

  5. What a gorgeous idea! I'm loving that nook in the kitchen and that fabulous outdoor chair. Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  6. great idea i love that second space what a pretty & cosy space for your pet, brilliant


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