Monday, October 10, 2011

Photo Placement: No Excuses Not to Have Them

Probably one of the first improvements I should be knocking down in my home is a better arrangement for my photos. I have one little collage frame on my wall where I sort of shoved a few pictures, but for the most part, I stick most of my pictures on my external hard drive. And really it’s a shame, because I should be showing off my boyfriend’s cute little mug. I think the loveliest homes always have a sprinkling of photo frames. Not too many shots of one thing because too many pictures of your cat or pictures of you look a little nutty. I think an even spatter of: friends and loved ones, family, travel, pets, cityscapes, whatever elements that you enjoy in life make for a nice collection that really personalize your place. Plus frames can be cheap (I’ve even seen cute ones at the dollar store) and printing photos is cheap, so really, it should be something that you can instantly and easily do for your home. No excuses friends! J Enjoy!

What are your photo arrangements?


  1. I agree Britt. I love a few photos around the home, and it seems such a shame to have all our great photos on the computer. My girls are on school holidays this week, so as a wee project they both went through all my stored images and picked their favourites for printing. Then they have both made inspiration boards for their bedrooms with the photos and other mementos they wanted to add. We've used old window frames with pegs and string and they look great.

  2. I love it!
    I should have more photos and frames at home.... but nowadays, with the computer... we forget that they existed in paper!!
    Lovely post!


  3. How lovely! Family photos gives personality to a space. Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx


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